What are the technical requirements for STB?

Start from November 2, 2022, the government mandates that Analog TV diverted with Digital TV for several reason, including imrpoved picture and sound quality, more television programs available, larger frequency spectrum, a smoother frequency network and faster frequency network, and so on.

So that Analog TV can access programs television, a Set Top Box (STB) is required to catch programs broadcast from Analog TV to Digital TV. In contrast, you can use an Android TV box to convert analog TV to digital TV and vice versa.

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But, before buying and using a device like a STB or Android TV Box, make sure that the device is already certified by SDPPI so that it is guaranteed to run properly and not interfere with the frequency network around it.

Before STB devices can be traded in Indonesia, they must meet the technical requirements specified in the order to pass the testing process so it can obtain a certificate and be declared safe. After getting a testing certificate, the device is already legal to trade for the public and is already guaranteed to be safe or legal.

so what are the technical requirements for STB order can passed testing device?, following technical requirements devices STB :

  1. Meets DVB-T2 Technical specifications in accordance with Digital Television Standards in Indonesia.
  2. Meets Radio Frequency (RF) requirements in accordance with location of Radio Frequency for television digital in Indonesia (Refer to the standard SNI ISO/IEC 32:2015).
  3. STB must pass Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. So that don’t raises disturbance electromagnetic with other electrical device. (Refer to the standard SNI ISO/IEC 32:2015).
  4. STB must fulfill safety requirements related electricity, between direct currents and strong currents with standard SNI IEC 60950-1: 2016.
  5. STB must has a Early Warning System (EWS) function to receive and display message early warning disaster in television screen.

If stb devices already fulfill  all technical requirement above, it will be easier through testing process, get  SDPPI certified and device stated safe and worthy for use to public. Those are following is why STB equipment must be certified and the technical requirements for STB equipment.

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