SDPPI Telecommunication Tool and Device Certificate Fee

Moreover, every telecommunications tool and device assembled, produced, or imported for distribution or trading in Indonesia must undergo a certification test to obtain an SDPPI certificate, declaring it legally approved for trade.

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There are several ways to make SDPI certificates, with different prices according to the certification requirements of the device. The price or fees required, among others, are:

Certification using Test report issued within the countryRp 7.000.000,-
Change or revise the certificateRp 7.000.000,-
Replacement certificate for the lost certificateRp 7.000.000,-
Certification using foreign test report / combinedRp 50.000.000,-

SDPPI Kominfo will issue the Postel Certification Fee upon providing evidence of the SP2 warrant issuance. After the payment of SP2, the certificate will be issued. The following outlines four types of costs for certificate issuance, along with a brief explanation of why telecommunication tools and equipment must undergo certification before trading in Indonesia.

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