E-labelling and Packaging Labels in SDPPI Type Approval

Dear Value Customer, Here below stated about SDPPI Type Approval Labels rule :

Labelling Rule

Navigating Requirements

In the realm of SDPPI (Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika) Type Approval, the landscape of product labeling is undergoing significant changes. As of now, E-labelling, although not mandatory, has emerged as a pivotal consideration. However, the traditional packaging label continues to maintain its significance in compliance protocols.

1. E-labelling’s Non-Mandatory Status

In the current regulatory framework, the adoption of E-labelling remains optional rather than obligatory for products undergoing SDPPI Type Approval. While this presents a potential avenue for future labeling practices, it’s important to note that the requirement for a packaging label still persists.

2. The Persistent Need for Packaging Labels

Amidst the evolving labeling dynamics, the conventional packaging label remains a mandatory component for products seeking SDPPI Type Approval. This requirement ensures that vital information is conspicuously displayed on the product’s packaging, facilitating consumer awareness and regulatory adherence.

3. Innovative Solutions for Unique Challenges

Acknowledging the diversity of products and packaging designs, SDPPI accommodates situations where adhering to standard labeling practices might be challenging. In cases where the product’s size or packaging is unconventional, manufacturers are granted a solution: the option to affix the necessary label onto the accompanying manual book.

4. Empowering Manufacturers with Alternatives

Manufacturers confronted with the dilemma of insufficient space for a traditional packaging label or products inherently devoid of packaging can now resort to placing the label on the manual book. This approach ensures that despite physical limitations, essential information reaches consumers effectively.

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