November 25, 2021


SDPPI Type Approval News

  • The Process that Must be Passed to get the KOMINFO SDPPI Certificate
    The submission and issuance of the KOMINFO SDPPI certificate is a must for Producers, Distributors, Importers, Laboratories, or other Entities wishing to distribute telecommunication products in Indonesia. Telecommunication devices that are required to have Certification include devices that use GSM, WCDMA, LTE, 5G, Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, and RFID frequencies. The frequency used for the equipment Read more about The Process that Must be Passed to get the KOMINFO SDPPI Certificate[…]
  • Important Announcement
    CV. Cerapproval Internasional is a type approval that can help the need of producers, distributors, importers, laboratories, or any entity in acquiring SDPPI certificate in Indonesia. For more than 10 years we’ve been helping to process any type of Approval in Indonesia due to customer trust and loyalty to our company. From June 22nd 2022 Read more about Important Announcement[…]
  • Local Representative
    One of our services is can providing you local rep services that can be works as your representative certificate holder in Indonesia. So you do not need to worry about OSS ID or PLG ID. we can provide better for your convenience. you can contact us for more information :
  • SDPPI Submission Through OSS System
    Starting early November 2021, the Ministry of Communication and Information already cooperate again with OSS to apply for telecommunication tools and equipment. this causes the application to have to go through OSS to certify or get an SDPPI device certificate. Below are the steps for the OSS process:
  • Test Report Summary
    Based on new rule in SDPPI Type Approval (457/DJSDPPI.5/SP.04.09/06/2021) for without testing / paperwork Procedure, we have to provide test report summary in order to get SDPPI Certificate Here is the rule statement : Here below the template for summary : If you need more information for detailed please contact us :
  • Labelling Rule
    Dear Value Customer Here below stated about labelling rule E-labelling is not mandatory yet in SDPPI Type Approval, so packaging label is still mandatory in SDPPI Type Approval Manufacturer also allowed to put label on the manual book if the product is too small to put label on it or the end product never have Read more about Labelling Rule[…]
  • SDPPI Accredited Foreign Lab List 2021
    Dear Value Customer here we give you information about accredited foreign lab list in SDPPI Type Approval for 2021 you can download it for free If you need more information please contact us :
  • Short Range Device Frequencies for Indonesia-SDPPI
    Dear Valued Customer here is the list for Short Range Device frequencies for SDPPI Type Approval in Indonesia feel free to download it
  • Permanent SDPPI Approval by Paperwork Procedure / Non Testing on 2018
    Dear Value Customer we would like to inform you about new regulation on SDPPI Ministry Decree No 7 Year 2018 SP3 (testing reference letter) was abolished, so basically SDPPI can do non testing (paperwork process) for all kind of product by using test report from accredited lab. this is a good chance to get SDPPI Read more about Permanent SDPPI Approval by Paperwork Procedure / Non Testing on 2018[…]
  • Non Testing Procedure in SDPPI until Oct 2017
    Dear our customer now SDPPI is announce can do non testing for any equipment they announce it just now please check the rule The main requirement of doing this documents evaluation process is that the product should have Test Report from Laboratory. For running application that’s still waiting for the pretest or has been pretested, Read more about Non Testing Procedure in SDPPI until Oct 2017[…]
  • 4G with no TKDN (local content)
    Dear value Customers Now SDPPI only mandatory 4G TKDN (local content) for only three 4G Products : Smartphone Tablet Modem Cellular   Please contact us for more information source :
  • Non Testing / Paperwork Procedure
    SDPPI has one way to speed up Certification process. its only declare conformity (declaration of conformity) in the process of evaluating the document on which it is based. In many countries, conformity schemes based on ISO / IEC 17050 are applied to relatively low risk products such as computers and ISM Band Device Power Low Read more about Non Testing / Paperwork Procedure[…]
  • List of International Accredited Lab
    you can download the list below List of Labs contact us for more information thank you
  • LTE device certification in 2017
    Based on Ministerial Regulation No. 27 of 2015 on Technical Requirements of Tools and / or devices based on Long Term Evolution technology, Article 4 paragraph 3 reads: “On January 1, 2017 Level of Condition (LTE) for LTE-based technology) applicable at 2 100 MHz, 1 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 800 MHz, and on 1 January Read more about LTE device certification in 2017[…]