Licensing the Use of All KBLI for the Submission of SDPPI Certificates on the OSS Page

In order to be able to issue an SDPPI Postel Certificate, the Applicant who applies for certification must have Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia (KBLI), and Online Single Submission (OSS) account.

This is because currently to issuing an SDPPI Certificate, it is mandatory to have an OSS with the appropriate KBLI.

In order to sell products or devices in Indonesia, distributors or other entities can use All KBLI in submitting Telecommunication Equipment Certificates on the OSS Page.

The use of all KBLI for the application of Telecommunication Equipment Certificates has been announced, and can be accessed on the OSS Page. You can check this announcement at

By being able to use all KBLI for Submission for Postel SDPPI Certification, it makes certification management easier. Worrying about not having an integrated KBLI is unnecessary.

Utilizing all KBLI for the submission of Postel SDPPI Certification makes certification management easier, eliminating concerns about lacking integrated KBLI.

This entire KBLI can be used because currently the use of frequency on devices is not only available on telecommunications equipment, but also for devices that are used as accessories or additional devices on telecommunications equipment.

If you are an importer, laboratory, or another entity from outside Indonesia requiring certification of telecommunication tools or equipment in Indonesia, ensure that the appointed representative has OSS and KBLI Access. Additionally, this ensures a smoother certification process.

How to Apply for SDPPI Certification with OSS and All KBLI

Despite the current ability to use all types of KBLI to obtain certificates for telecommunication tools or equipment, the management still needs to go through stages.

To make it easier for you in managing the SDPPI Postel Certification, you can use the services provided by Cerapproval. Additionally, our team is ready to assist you throughout the certification process.

Crapproval itself is an Agency that operates as a Type Approval that can assist the issuance of SDPPI Postel Certification, and SNI.

If you need SDPPI issuance, you can contact :