SDPPI’s Additional EMC Test Parameters for Local Testing

SDPPI Plans There Will Be Additional EMC Test Parameters for Local Testing

Dear our beloved customer, we inform you that SDPPI recently held an internal meeting with a local laboratory to discuss additional parameters for the EMC test which will be applied to the local EMC test in the near future. Additionally, we would like to update you on this important development.

EMC testing at local laboratories is currently carried out according to CISPR 32:2015.

1. Products without power adapter or power cord, parameters tested: 

– Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz

– Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz

2. Products with power adapter or power cord included in the package, tested parameters:

– Conducted Emission at Main port

– Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz

– Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz

*The above rules are likely to be revised soon.

From the news we received, SDPPI plans to implement Conducted Emission measurements, mandatory for all products, except products supplied with non-rechargeable batteries. Therefore, all rechargeable battery type products must meet three EMC test parameters, namely Radiated Emission 30 – 1000 MHz, Radiated Emission 1 – 6 GHz, and Conducted Emission at the Main port.

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Additionally, products with telecommunication ports must undergo Conducted Emission tests. Currently, only two laboratories, Surabaya Standardization and Industrial Services Center (Baristand), and PT Qualis Indonesia, can conduct this test.

Based on news and assumptions, this new rule on additional EMC testing parameters will be implemented around June this year. There will be an official announcement posted by SDPPI once they declare it mandatory.

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