Why Telecommunication Devices Need to Be Tested and Certified?

Why Telecommunication Devices Need to Be Tested and Certified?

According to Law Number 36 Year 1999 Article 32 Paragraph (1) states that “The Telecommunication devices which traded, manufactured, assembled, imported to and/or used within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia shall comply with the technical requirements and be based on a license in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.”

The purpose of this certification is to : guarantee interoperability between telecommunication devices and equipment, ensure that tools and equipment do not interfere with each other, protect security, safety and public health from losses, and encourage innovation and national industry.

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Credit : NOAA

In terms of safety, for example Tsunami early warning. The news is broadcast on television which uses radio frequency and telecommunications equipment. Without one, it would impact the number of uninformed victims.

Now we know the importance of certifying your telecommunications devices. Therefore, let’s be more aware of using telecommunications devices. Make sure your telecommunication device is SDPPI certified.

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