What is SNI?

Indonesian National Standard (SNI), is a quality standard set by the National Standardization Agency (BSN) and only applies in Indonesia. The standard formulation is carried out by the SNI Formulation Technical Committee. The SNI certification procedure is carried out by parties appointed as stakeholders.

Regarding the SNI Certificate

Meanwhile, the SNI Certificate itself is proof that the company or producer has the same standards as the regulations in force in Indonesia.

SNI certification protects the domestic market from low-quality foreign goods and promotes economic growth by encouraging producers to meet quality standards.

SNI-certified companies gain consumer trust, showcasing producer responsibility. This fosters the growth of credible product certification bodies in the business sector.

Having a label and also getting an SNI certificate makes consumers more confident because there is a guarantee of safety and health with clear standards for the products they consume. With the SNI label, consumers feel protected and safe regarding the goods they buy, use and consume.

There are 3 classifications in SNI certification:

  1. Management System Certification which is a certification for the company’s management system. Examples include ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, and HACCP. Generally, this standard is used for clothing.
  2. Product Certification, for products produced by companies based on certain standards. For example, SNI 1811:2007 for helmets, 3554:2015 for bottled drinking water, 2054:2014 for concrete reinforcing steel.
  3. Personnel Certification, for personnel competency. Such as Auditors, PPC, Oil and Gas Workers, Electrical Workers, and so on.

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