PM 5 Certification Form: Required Information to Complete

Before applying for Postel certification, either using local testing or paperwork, the applicant must attach Form PM 5. The service company will forward a Certification Request file to the equipment company to fill in information data for the device undergoing certification testing.

The PM-5 form is a device information document that serves as a guide for submitting local testing up to submission to SDPPI. After completing the input of all device and product data, the certification service will send the sample to a laboratory for testing.

What is a certification form, and what must be filled in the Certification Form PM-5? See this article for a further explanation.

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What is a Certification Form PM 5?

A certification form is a sheet that contains information on devices that you wish to certify. Additionally, the Certification Form represents the subsequent stage in the process after the Equipment Company and the Certification Services Company have engaged in discussions and reached mutual agreements to pursue SDPPI Certification.

There are several device information that must be filled in or fulfilled on the Certification Form, including:

  • In table 1, column 1 contains the name and address of the company or local representative.
  • Table 2, column 2, line 2, contains data or a description of information about the device that wants certification.
  • In table 4 column line 3 contains the names of the frequency bands on the device or product that wants to carry out Certification (Checklist).
  • In the Self-Signature (TTD) table, column line 4 contains the TTD picture related to the place and date of filling out the Certification Form. “For TTD, you can use digital TTD or direct TTD.”
  • Applicants must ensure that the data filled in the form is correct and there are no errors.
  • The form serves as a guide for submitting local testing and for submitting to SDPPI.

After correctly filling in all the required device information in the Certification Form, the Certification Service Company can gather the data and, subsequently, initiate the process of sending devices or samples for testing in SDPPI-accredited laboratories in Indonesia.

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The following provides an understanding and explanation of the certification form and the required information for the SDPPI certificate application process.

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