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SDPPI/Postel Type Approval

Our services is specifically designed for manufactures, importers, distributors, testing laboratories, overseas type approval agencies and consultants who are seeking type approval certification for telecommunication equipment and IT (Information Technology) products in Indonesia.

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Testing Lab services

We provide services to test your telecommunication product such: W-lan (802.11a/b/g/n a/c), RFID, Security router, Analog Modem, Low Power Device, Bluetooth, GPRS Modem for GSM, Remote Keyless Entry Systems, GSM and CDMA Phone, PDA, Radar Vehicle Systems, Fax Machine, VoIP, Pos Terminal, Wireless Phone, Modular approval, etc…

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letter of recommendation

We help you in order to get recommendation letter for conducting trial or demo in Indonesia. We can also support you to check your telecommunication and information technology equipments and devices that need to be certified or only as supporting modules.

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fast services

Accelerate any licensing progress in Indonesian Authority, in order to smoothening your business

Local Regulation

We can help you get Indonesia Telecommunication and ICT Regulation in english language related to Type Approval and other

Bridging the Authority

we can arranging your company to have a meeting or appointment with Indonesian Authority/Government to solve anything

Part List Approval Services

We help you in getting part list authorization for your telecommunication equipment parts. This part list authorization is needed to make sure that your part list can pass through custom in Indonesia.

Company License and Legality

We can help you to get your company license and legality approval, such : Manual Guarantee (Manual Garansi) PI (Perizinan Impor) TPP ( Tanda Pendaftaran Tipe Produk) API-U ( Angka Pengenal Importir Umum) TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan) SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan) NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak) Domisili Perusahaan NIK (Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan)


We support the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world and future's industry leaders in obtaining type approval through our network
We can help you get legal Indonesia Type Approval From SDPPI/Postel

Our services is to support Manufactures, Importers, Distributors, test laboratories and consultants who are seeking type approval certification for telecommunications equipment and other Information Technology products in Indonesia. usually its called Postel SDPPI Certification / SDPPI Type Approval /

we can help you get certificate for SDPPI / POSTEL as telecommunication requirement product in indonesia we can help you :
1. new certificate with testing or without testing
2. renewal certificate
3. taking over/switcher certificate
4. evaluation document with test report manufacturer

SDPPI news

se what happen lately in SDPPI Certifiation / Postel Certification in Indonesia

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